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Custome Home Building
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Custom Homes

Our team understands the importance of choosing the right builder for your dream home in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas. When you need a home designed and built on your lot, SS Construction and Remodeling is the right choice. Should you need assistance finding the most suitable place for your new home, we are available to help you with that as well. 

It ensures we have the right spaces in the right places, just as you would want them. The design team will assist you in choosing the most appropriate option to suit your individual style. Every home site is unique in terms of size, shape, and character.

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SS Construction and Remodeling takes the term "custom" very seriously. Let us help you plan every inch of your new home when it's time to build. Every visible aspect of your dream home (and many unseen elements, too) will be selected by us. Lay out and size rooms, choose features and lighting, and select floor styles - carpet, tile, wood, you name it. Furniture, such as bookcases, fireplaces, countertops, everything, will be discussed with you as well.

We will assist you in determining the level of detail and finish-out you require after viewing your new home site. We will figure out a price that fits your budget.


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Four phases make up the design process: Preliminary Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents.

As part of the Preliminary Design phase, we review the owner's Program Outline budget, , and floorplan, and assist the owner in developing these criteria; research applicable local city zoning and building code requirements for the project; and develop concept floor plans for the project based on the previous criteria to establish relationships and approximate square footages.

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Design Stages

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Schematic Design

As part of the Schematic Design Phase, presentation drawings of refined concept floor plans, including approximate square footages, are prepared; elevation sketches are prepared to describe the material's stylistic character, and the overall massing of the proposed residence; and assistance is provided to the owner in selecting any consultants required, such as structural, lighting, and landscape consultants.

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Design Development

The Design Development Phase consists of translating the approved Schematic Design floor plan into a computer-generated format with any owner-requested modifications and reproducing it at a scale of 1/4 inch to 1 foot 0 inches with precise square footage information for the owner to review; and producing a roof plan and designing the rear and associated side elevations based on the schematic front elevation, all of which will be coordinated in order to create a logical, integrated design.

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Document Phase

During the Construction Document Phase, the building and zoning code is finalized and reviewed by authorities with jurisdiction; a Construction Document package is prepared for pricing and construction of the project; and as necessary, participation in owner, contractor, and interprofessional conferences is required to ensure that the project is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

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Still not sure how to proceed or where to start your Custom Home Design project? 

We will guide you through this process every step of the way if you call us or fill out our form today. Because we do this every day for a living, we know how complicated it can be for other companies. Find out just how easy SS Construction and Remodeling can make your Custom Home Design project with one of our team members. 


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